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Aida Alsa Coaching® wants to thank you all for so much learnt. Thank you for so much shared. 

The synergy created, your courage and your willingness to achieve what you have achieved have been key for your success. 

A well-deserved success.

Wishing you all the best.



Aida is such a lovely warm and thoughtful person. She is smart, attentive and with lots of positive, vibrant energy. She is on her path to be an awesome professional and skillful coach. It was a delight to work with her. Our conversations and discussions were sharp and quick but always with a warm heart. I highly recommend working with her!



Aida has a gift for helping people establish their own plans as well as providing the tools needed, in order for them to be the best self. Her caring and helpful attitude are sincere. She invigorates everyone because of her positive attitude.



Aida is both warm and genuine and never fails to see my strengths even in those moments when I cannot see them for myself. Her resilience and perseverance to follow her dreams despite life's challenges continuously inspires me to stay focused and take action to reach my personal goals.



I have had the opportunity to work with Aida during a big transition time of my professional life, and I was glad our path crossed. She was the right guidance I needed during this time.

I was leaving my steady job of 13 years for the unknown. She helped me realize my potentials and passions, and based on that, I was able to define what path to take.

Together we put down a realistic action plan to take the first steps.

When you work with Aida you will work not only with someone that is professionally educated and knowledgeable but with someone that loves what she does and is passionate about it. You will feel her dedication throughout all the sessions. She will kindly but honestly guide you to find the best version of yourself. It has been a valuable experience and I am sure it won’t be the last.



I am extremely thankful and glad I had the opportunity to work with Aida. During the seven years working together, I was able to see the great leader and coach she is. In her daily work she has a high priority on the quality she and her team provide without losing her focus on people development. Aida is a person able to spot talents and provide room to people in order to develop them further professionally as well as personally. Her positive energy and her commitment to people, inspire trust and therefore when you are around her it comes natural to follow her. Now in her own career development I recommend her as coach as well as a leader. I know she is able to push you the extra mile and enable you to achieve your professional and personal goals.



The positive and inspiring energy that Aida radiates helped me put my values in order. I know she has genuine interest and cares. She encouraged me to take the responsibility of my own dreams and to move on during our first session. I eventually arranged a complete coaching program and that was the best decision I've made in a long time. I feel now very close to reaching my dream job and very proud of what I’ve achieved so far.



Aida creates a really safe environment, listens, asks questions and really makes an effort to come to your core for the purpose of you learning to understand yourself better. 

She helped me, among other things, to indentify my growth path which will help me in becoming the best version of me.



I am so grateful to Aida. She believes in me and it only took a couple of sessions for me to get the point and increase my self-confidence. She is such a professional. I am enjoying the book she recommended!



I was very fortunate to participate in Aida's Enneagram coaching sessions during a period of professional reorientation.

Aida's empathic nature and professional coaching skills made it very easy for me to get involved in the sessions and gain maximum benefit from them. In a very short time, she determined my Enneagram profile and analyzed it in depth with me. The Enneagram sessions with Aida helped me to better understand my own and others' personalities and to use my personal traits more profitably in both private and professional situations. Hence, I can highly recommend Aida as a personal and business coach.

Aida Alsa Coaching® welcomes any feedback about your own experience in your coaching sessions with Aida.

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