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Aida Alsa Coaching® is a proprietorship founded in 2020, during the most difficult times of the global pandemic. 

Until the company got finally developed as a coaching business in mid 2020, the brand was formerly named Oh!BlissfulMe and it started on Instagram with the main purpose of inspiring others throughout a colourful rainbow of meaningful posts. The re-branding and re-launch came a year after, when the brand looks for expanding to a more international scale. A fresher and more professional look that aims to continue inspiring and giving support to many more followers day by day. Each post is dedicated to powerful and encouraging articles related to coaching. It sets out specific content to make the reader (re)think about basic aspects for reaching personal wellness and fulfilment. You can follow us on Instagram at @aidaalsa_coaching

The type of coaching offered by Aida Alsa Coaching® is mainly focused on the present (on the 'here' and the 'now') while working hard for a more fulfilling and purposeful near-future. Via trustworthy and deep conversations, and authentic connections in an open and warm atmosphere, the Coach and the Coachee will tackle needs and explore/discover opportunities at all levels.


A goal-oriented and an effective approach where both of us look at your personal strengths, natural talents and dreams with no judgment, with endless possibilities. By increasing your self-awareness you will be able to discover and uncover all those passions, skills, personal traits that are already in your essence. You will learn to use your powerful and most natural tools to enlighten your life in a very short period of time.


It is a brave step to take, an ambitious opportunity and a wonderful experience that will definitely bring you close(r) to the most powerful You.

There is a supreme need in humanity to become better. And I want to be part of that challenge and positive transformation the world has to go through together.

My purpose in life is to help individuals to realize who they truly are, what they really want, to get to the place where they want to be and take full ownership of it all.

This is my positive contribution for the world we live in.

~ Aida Alsa

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